Dust from The Magellanic Clouds - Deep Relaxation

by ArtisanDuSon

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This track of 45 minutes slowly brings you from a normal state of consciousness (beta brainwaves) to delta/lambda brainwaves pattern (0.5 Hz). This slow descent and targeted frequencies are great to relax and put you in an ideal state of mind for astral projection. When you start feeling vibrations across your body, you are on the right track !
Powerful delta waves (binaural beats) to enhance altered states of consciousness, frequency of 0.5 Hz noticed during mystic and spiritual experiences.


released September 1, 2016



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ArtisanDuSon Paris, France

Deep meditation music / Binaural music
Fascinated by the power of sound and music I assemble piece by piece frequencies issued from traditional instruments like tibetan bowls, tuning forks and many others with digital frequencies (binaural beats, isochronic tones) to enhance a deep meditative and psychoactive experience of music. ... more

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